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Air Conditioning

F-Gas Redgistered


The Air Conditioning division offers complete installation services in all sectors, including domestic, commercial, retail, industrial and educational.

We offer the complete package and reassurance of our quality workmanship from Design stage through to the testing of the completed works, we offer the following: 

  • Comfort Cooling Systems

  • Close Control Lab, Server & Clean Rooms

  • Ventilation, Extract and Fume Control Systems

  • VRV, VRF and Multi-Split Systems

  • Mobile Air Conditioners

  • Chilled Water Systems

  • DX Split Systems


Our engineers have attended training courses on the

correct handling of CFC and HCFC refrigeration gases

and liquids.


Equipment and service includes:

  • Refrigerant Gas Reclaim & Disposal

  • Refrigerant gas Conversion 

  • Liquid Chillers & Heat pumps

  • System decommissioning and strip out work.

  • System upgrade for new breed of refrigerants.

  • Compressor replacement.

  • System fault diagnosis and repairs


Our company is accredited by F-GAS to provide you with quality assurance.

Please contact us:

Approved installers for the following:-

Toshiba Approved Installer
Carrier Service Provider
Mitsubishi Approved Installer
Ciat Service provider
Fujitsu Installer
Daikin Approved Installer
Panasonic Approved Installer
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